Vision and innovation are part of the core of combines the organisation’s research & development operations for the purpose of discovering new developments.
The knowledge that is acquired serves as inspiration for future applications.

  • Week 144; playful preparations

    Project update22-10-201401:46Week 144; playful preparations
  • Beyond touch with the Apple Watch


    Today the Apple Watch was announced. It will not make it to the market until next January probably to give app developers chance to develop their apps and have a relevant watch experience from the start. And maybe also for …

  • Week 143; this happened in a snapchat

    Project update13-10-201422:24Week 143; this happened in a snapchat
  • Session: changing context by Glass


    Last week we organised a short session on the ins & outs of Google Glass. Almost a year already after our first encounter with this still intriguing Google device, as we were able to partner with one of the three …