Vision and innovation are part of the core of combines the organisation’s research & development operations for the purpose of discovering new developments.
The knowledge that is acquired serves as inspiration for future applications.

  • Week 136, API for the world

    Project update26-08-201418:33Week 136, API for the world
  • Session: changing context by Glass


    Last week we organised a short session on the ins & outs of Google Glass. Almost a year already after our first encounter with this still intriguing Google device, as we were able to partner with one of the three …

  • Retail as media: designing IoT


    In the past 5 months, I  have been part of the labs team as a graduate student to research ‘retail as media’ and to design the internet of things for retail. In this blog post, I give a brief summary of …

  • Week 135; the algorithmic uprise

    Project update19-08-201401:12Week 135; the algorithmic uprise