Vision and innovation are part of the core of combines the organisation’s research & development operations for the purpose of discovering new developments.
The knowledge that is acquired serves as inspiration for future applications.

  • Discover the sounds of the city — Hackathon report


    It’s been a while since my first blogpost but that does not mean I’ve been sitting still. It was a busy month and an even more bustling week. Monday’s This Happened #19 and yesterday’s Data of the Crowds Hackathon—a part …

  • Logging hack010 data of the crowds


    Labs is organising a hackathon together with Rotterdam School of Applied Sciences, themed Data of the Crowds. Hack your Personal API and connect to the data of the city. We will keep track of the hackathon in this Storify. Use …

  • Week 119; wearables & retail

    Project update21-04-201419:09Week 119; wearables & retail
  • Week 117 & 118; hacking 010

    Project update15-04-201422:58Week 117 & 118; hacking 010