Project update: Week 31

In this week Bram delivered a batch of wireframes for one of the IPC projects, always triggering some decisions. Jorn did research on some of the technical parts. Hansl finished the first mock-up for the social music player of Tim.

This week I worked on a couple vision documents in preparation of a few pitches that we run. And I managed to keep my own deadline for the paper on Big Data in preparation of our knowledge session next week. In stead of working from home I choose to change scenery and took the invitation to occupy a desk at our friends of Hubbub; pleasant as always.
Good to see we reached the target for our session in attendees. We can always cater a few extra, so if you still want to attend, check out our program.

As always there was enough to read this week. Let’s see if we can connect some stuff.


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